New Orleans Series

This series captures the pure raw sound of historic New Orleans. Hand hammered and completed, top and bottom, with a continuous spiral from center to edge. This pronounced wide lathing technique results in a cymbal that produces focused woody ride sounds and quick, dry crashes. An ideal cymbal for recording.

The video shows hammering and lathing New Orleans and Turk Series cymbals


The wide lathing gives a dark, dry sound with dramatically reduced overtones, increased stick definition and trashy undertones. The slightly muted sound resembles an aged vintage Turkish cymbal.

Size Price
22" $525.00
21" $485.00
20" $440.00
19" $395.00

Crash & Splash Cymbals

Size Price
19" $395.00
18" $345.00
17" $310.00
16" $285.00
15" $265.00
14" $240.00
12" $200.00
11" $192.00
10" $169.00
8" $145.00


Size Price
15" $515.00
14" $465.00
13" $420.00
12" $385.00

See for yourself

You really need to try these cymbals for yourself to really appreciate how good they are. Lets make an appointment for you to try them out!

Every cymbal is hand made so its sound is unique.

All prices are subject to change without notice, are in New Zealand Dollars and GST inclusive.