Groove Series

The Groove Series have funky and earthy qualities. The tops are traditionally lathed with warm tonal grooves, while the bottoms are lathed with distinctive wider ridges associated with the Bosphorus New Orleans series. The sound is raw, aggressive, musical and funky.

Wide Ride

Traditional lathing on the top with wide lathing on the bottom gives a balanced combination of warm wash and clean stick definition. A perfect blend of projection and sensitivity.

Size Price
22" $545.00
20" $480.00

Trash Crash

Uneven wobbly edges and deeply hammered pockets on the playing surface give a warm trashy crash but with enough stick definition to use as a trashy ride.

Size Price
22" $585.00
20" $500.00
18" $425.00

Smash Crash

Plenty of cut with a controlled dark end.

Size Price
18" $360.00
16" $305.00

Pang Thang

This China type cymbal with flanged edges gives piercing crashes, plenty of low end wash and warm, clean stick definition when used as a ride.

Size Price
20" $485.00

Fat Hats

Fat Hats are traditionally lathed on the top with wide lathing on the bottom for a warm but controlled sound that still has enough cut for amplified settings.

Size Price
15" $525.00
14" $485.00

See for yourself

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Every cymbal is hand made so its sound is unique.

All prices are subject to change without notice, are in New Zealand Dollars and GST inclusive.